My New Ignore Line

My New Ignore Line.


My New Ignore Line

I’ve noticed that when I’m on my Web Cam I get so many requests from you money slaves to make fun of you for being such losers that I thought “Why not maximize on your pathetic need to be humiliated?”

Thus, I created my Niteflirt Phone Line:

Now you can call me while I’m getting my pedicure, partying with my girlfriends, shopping or having my hair done (compliments of your hard earned money of course…) and I can let you know just how worthless you are from wherever I am and whenever I feel like talking. All to the tune of only $6.66…

Never forget, I’m your Goddess Helly, the XXX Financial Vamp, Humiliatrix, Home Wrecker. Your sole purpose is to spoil me like the greedy blonde bitch that I am…. so go get started by listening to my pre-recorded voice message and always remember to Tribute me for the pleasure of listening to my sexy voice.

BTW – I won’t be taking live calls until Aug. 11…. If you need something to tease your worthless cock with until then, I suggest buying a clip from my Clips4Sale Store!