My New Ignore Line

My New Ignore Line.


My New Ignore Line

I’ve noticed that when I’m on my Web Cam I get so many requests from you money slaves to make fun of you for being such losers that I thought “Why not maximize on your pathetic need to be humiliated?”

Thus, I created my Niteflirt Phone Line:

Now you can call me while I’m getting my pedicure, partying with my girlfriends, shopping or having my hair done (compliments of your hard earned money of course…) and I can let you know just how worthless you are from wherever I am and whenever I feel like talking. All to the tune of only $6.66…

Never forget, I’m your Goddess Helly, the XXX Financial Vamp, Humiliatrix, Home Wrecker. Your sole purpose is to spoil me like the greedy blonde bitch that I am…. so go get started by listening to my pre-recorded voice message and always remember to Tribute me for the pleasure of listening to my sexy voice.

BTW – I won’t be taking live calls until Aug. 11…. If you need something to tease your worthless cock with until then, I suggest buying a clip from my Clips4Sale Store!


I am The XXX Financial Goddess Helly Hellfire. I’m here to bankrupt your loser wallet and rape your soul.

Just so we’re clear, you are not buying my time with gifts. You must expect nothing in return but the satisfaction of knowing I will live more extravagantly because of your sacrifice. Occasionally, I may find it entertaining to give you my attention for a moment, but consider that occurrence more of a distant hope. I quit doing porn because men are just ungrateful piggies that don’t deserve to watch me fuck. I’m punishing mankind for their free downloading by making them pay me just for being beautiful & gracing them with my presence.

Nothing makes me hotter than exciting you with my gorgeous legs and ass, big tanned tits, full lips and blonde hair and then denying you from touching your aching, hard cock! You are weak. You are unable to resist a girl who is way out of your league like me. I will exploit your weaknesses and blackmail you. I will extract all your money from your credit cards and bank account, and then discard you like the wimpy, unpopular sissy boy you’ve always been.

You are going to be a good little money slave. That’s all you are to me. I don’t want to know about your problems. Obviously your life is pathetic and I am the one source of excitement in your otherwise wretched world. It’s time to pay the cum tax loser! Specialties – humiliation, foot fetish, ass & leg worship, tease & denial, jerk off instructions, cuckholding, lip fetish Pay My Bills! Pay My Boyfriend’s Bills! Spoil me with purchases from my Amazon Wish List! Now, drop down to your knees… DO IT NOW LOSER, and put your credit card in your mouth. GO TO MY AMAZON WISH LIST IMMEDIATELY AND GET MY ATTENTION BY BUYING THE FIRST THING TO SEE. I’m waiting, wimp.